Can you handle managing a collection of projects and partners? Be one of our
Online Marketing Specialists!
You will spend your time talking to our top partners and searching for new markets. You and your team will be in charge of launching exciting new products and making strategies that are profitable.

1. Manage a team of 2-3 people.
2. Oversee day to day operations of multiple projects.
3. Looking for growth opportunities and partnerships
4. Regularly in the loop with partners and affiliates.
5. Monitoring project KPIs and daily revenue.
6. Launching products and implementing new marketing strategies

You must have superior interpersonal traits and skills, a Virtual
interaction lover, computer savvy. Can handle hard deadlines, fast
execution, and can work independently. In addition, you will need:
1. 2+ years experience in marketing and/or sales.
2. Knowledge of social media and basics of online marketing.
3. Excellent English speaking/writing skills.
4. Strong communicator and manager.
5. Able to handle multiple projects and tasks.
6. Can follow and organize structures, standards and processes.
7. Analytical and numbers-driven.
8. Is passionate about personal growth.